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Buff and Lean Financial Planning process

Buff and Lean Financial Planning process

You almost certainly have plans - starting a family, buying a home, educating your children, marriage of daughter, retiring maybe - but have you looked into the financial implications of turning tho...

A fiduciary relationship

A fiduciary relationship

Choosing to work with a financial advisor is an important decision in your life. You are literally allowing this person to spend and invest your money. In fact, you are entrusting them to make wise ...

Unbiased Insurance Assessment !!!

Unbiased Insurance Assessment !!!

Our consultants can help you to address the overall effectiveness of your current insurance cover and help you to understand the risks you face. We can provide unbiased advice and due diligence review...


Specialized Services

Claims Managementimage

Insurance Consultants specialize in claims audits, claim reviews, safety programs, Read More

Independent Review

Insurance Administrationimage

Insurance Consultants examine an organization to identify and quantify what it does ,Read More


Risk Managementimage

Risk Management Consultants report only to the client. They are retained by the CFO,Read More

Licensed Insurance Consultancy Firm in UAE

indyBuff & Lean International is a fully licenced insurance consultancy firm in UAE , with over 50 years of expertise in offering quality financial advice to thousands of satisfied clients across middle east and we have a fiduciary relationship with you, as our client.

All our advisors have the experience, qualification and training to offer you quality advice on every aspect of your financial life.

And in other news

imageChoosing to work with a financial advisor is an important decision in your life. You are literally allowing this person to spend and invest your money.

imageIn fact, you are entrusting them to make wise decisions about your financial future. So, who should be your financial advisor?

Latest News

The recent global markets shake up over the financial health of Dubai and its effects on long term sustainability on Dubai's growth leaves me with the following observations.One, the strategic geographic location of Dubai, it's sunny weather, cosmopolitan culture and it's unique position of a liberal economic and social hub in MENA

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Did you Know?

Once you reach a certain level of financial success, the financial opportunities available to you need intensive care. Unwise decisions can cost you substantial amounts. We offer a complete range of services to meet your needs and help you build strategies to manage your wealth successfully by understanding your vision and values..

Financial Planning

Financial Planning

imageFinancial planning is a critical exercise in ensuring long-term financial security and peace of mind. A Sound financial plan is a route map to help you achieve your life’s financial goals and protect the uncertainties on your journey to those goals. .

Read More

Asset Allocation

Asset Allocation


It’s an investment strategy that aims to balance risk and reward by apportioning a portfolio's assets according to an individual's goals, risk tolerance and investment horizon.

Our expertise in managing different class of assets and exposure to world class solutions offer you cost saving and  time tested advice on allocating your assets, Read More

Estate Planning

Estate Planning


We'll help you develop an effective succession plan and periodically review your estate plan to ensure it continues to meet your changing needs and circumstances.


This reserves your legacy by maximizing the value of your estate through objective guidance supported by 50 years of collective experience 

 ,Read More

What Insurance Consultants Do

Insurance Consultants provide ongoing risk management consulting services and may also serve as an outsourced risk management department.

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Evaluation & Recommendation

imageInsurance Consultants review your insurance and risk management programs and make recommendations regarding coverage improvements, administration, loss control and financing mechanisms.

->Read More

How Insurance Consultants Work

imageAs independent professionals, Risk Management Consultants provide objective analysis and have no economic interest in the solution.

->Read More

Unexcelled Service

We are dedicated to our clients. We answer all client email messages within one business day. Phone messages from clients are returned in 90 minutes during business hours. Read More

Insurance Services

We assess the risks needed to be protected in your life and business with a genuine quest for details and applying proven techniques with our insurance solutions. Read More

Insurance Claims Management

We can help you understand the insurance claims process, your coverage, and the strategies of getting your claim handled quickly and fairly. You get straightforward Read More

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