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About Buff and Lean

  • Buff & Lean International Insurance Consultants is a new force in Middle East Insurance Industry licensed by UAE Ministry of Economy by meeting all the standards, qualifications and experience requirements. With its head quarter in Abu Dhabi, the capital of United Arab Emirates, Buff and Lean is one of the fastest growing organizations in the region with a relentless focus on our client interests.

  • We're true consultants to our clients from the primary stages of financial needs analysis, wealth management and financial planning, through the execution of their tailor made protection, financial and retirement plan and investment strategies, and subsequently for their financial plan's regular reviews and investment portfolio re-balancing. We become our client’s primary financial advisor for all aspects of their financial lives, because the relationships we build with our clients last a lifetime. 

  • Our consultants are the best in the industry equipped with relevant qualifications in financial services, experience and supported by world class training and advisory development. Our recruitment plan carefully analyses each consultant we recruit through a path breaking evaluation method and aids them with the knowledge, skills and technology to meet the best interests of clients in the most transparent way.



Why Buff and Lean ?

  • Adequate Insurance Coverage – We expose the shortfalls and mistakes in your financial planning by our comprehensive financial planning review. We help you make informed decisions and avoid surprises.

  • Regular Reviews – Our client service agreement ensures that you financial plan in up to date meet the challenges of every day life and changing circumstances.  

  • Lower Premiums – We know where to look for cost saving with our in depth knowledge in financial products available in the UAE market. We can help you to find cost effective solutions by carefully analyzing your needs with several permutations and combinations through scientific techniques.


  • Efficient Administration – Our knowledge of insurance makes it easier for you to manage your insurance program. You get more time with your family or customers and the growth of your business.

  • Claims Support – Our experience in handling thousands of claims and an aggressive, pragmatic, focused pursuit of your claims will translate into faster results protecting your interests  with reduced chance of rejections.

  • Inside Information – We guide you through the complexity and fine prints of the insurance and financial world with unbiased advice. We provide insight and straight answers, so you avoid blind spots and save time and effort.


  • Non-insurance Options – Insurance is not the only solution to every risk you face. We assist with your risk management plans and utilize techniques and resources that reduce risk, control costs and efficient use of your financial resources. 

  • Unexcelled Service – We are dedicated to our clients. We answer all client email messages within one business day. Phone messages from clients are returned in 90 minutes during business hours.




Supporting your Financial Advisor are credentialed specialists who represent a wide range of strategic approaches and exclusive services. Whatever financial goals you set, Buff and Lean offers you experienced professionals who are committed to comprehensive planning that take into account your circumstances, values, objectives and risk tolerance.

Asset Allocation

It’s an investment strategy that aims to balance risk and reward by apportioning a portfolio's assets according to an individual's goals, risk tolerance and investment horizon. Our expertise in managing different class of assets and exposure to world class solutions offer you cost saving and  time tested advice on allocating your assets.

Business Services

 Protect your goals and future plans. With strategic business risk management, estate planning, valuation and continuation plans. Whatever your particular circumstances, we have the experience to help our clients protect, grow, and transfer their wealth. We can help you, too

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